Duration of the training: 300 h (5 months) + 02 months of internship in a company


Give the future secretary the necessary knowledge for the accomplishment of his tasks.

Skills to acquire:

  • Identification of the different components of a computer;
  • Mastery of the keyboard by the blind method;
  • Mastery of all office software
  • Mastery of network work;
  • Effective management of archiving and filing of documentation
  • Reception management;
  • Efficient navigation on the internet.


Module 1: Computer Knowledge, Basics Windows Operating System

Module 2: Using of Different Office Software

  • MS Word
  • Ms Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Publisher

Module 3 : Classification

Module 4 : Communication and administrative writing

Module 5 : Internet and navigation

Concerned people

  • Anyone wishing to become familiar with the computer tool and master all aspects of office automation as well as basic accounting;
  • graduates from various academic institutions wishing to complete their theoretical training through a practice;
  • job seekers,
  • students and workers alike.


  • Public and parapublic institutions
  • Private Sector Company
  • Self Employment (Freelance)

Registration Condition

 Registration: CFA 15,000 
  • Free registration form to withdraw at Médianet training center
  • A photocopy of the CNI or the birth certificate
  • Photocopy of highest diploma
  • A ream of paper


200 000 F Cfa

 Minimum Level: Form 5 / GCE OL or Equivalent