Duration of training: 650 hours (9 months) + 02 months of internship in a company

Goals :

Prepare the future developer to create web and mobile applications. The latter contributes to the development of applications on several platforms depending on the type and nature of the company’s projects and ensures the maintenance of existing applications.

Skills to reach :

At the end of your training, you will be able to:

  • to design the architecture of a mobile application;
  • to develop a mobile application;
  • organize information in a context of mobility;
  • to manage the migration of an application between different platforms;
  • plan the development of the mobile version of a website;
  • to ensure the quality of the application;
  • to launch the mobile application on the market;
  • to carry out a technological watch.

Persons Concerned

Anyone passionate about digital technology and innovation


  • Communication agencies
  • Start-UP
  • Public and parapublic institutions
  • Self employment (Freelance)

Registration conditions

Registration : 15 000 F Cfa

  • Free registration form to be collected from the Médianet training center
  • A photocopy of the CNI or the birth certificate
  • Photocopy of the highest diploma
  • A ream of paper


450 000 F Cfa

Minimum level: GCE AL + 2 years in computer science or proof of professional training in webmastering